International Students

We offer two excellent insurance options. The Student Secure provides full-time students and their families with health insurance coverage that can be kept through the duration of study. On the other hand, Life Tides Financial Inc. is designed to provide coverage for less than 1 year, making it a great option for short-term study abroad programs, or as a more affordable choice for families, since you don’t have to be a student to qualify.

Choosing an international student insurance plan can be daunting when attempting to find a plan that meets both school and country visa requirements, so it’s important to weigh your options before purchasing. If you have questions about our plans or would like to discuss specific insurance requirements, feel free to contact us.

Please review both plans below and contact our customer service team if you need assistance:

We know that as a student, you want to focus on hitting the books, not the financial burden that can arise from an unexpected medical emergency. Your government health care plans don’t go with you when you travel, so let us be there for you. The experts at Life Tides Financial are committed to getting you the affordable coverage you need, when you need it.        
You might not know how or be able to make certain health care arrangements – especially if you don’t speak the language well. We’re ready to answer your call in your language 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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