Critical Illness Insurance

Facing a critical illness can be one of the most difficult challenges in life. That's where the critical illness benefit comes in-you are free to spend the money as you wish-such as to help cover lost income, to pay for private nursing or out-of-country treatment, for medical equipment or even to pay off your mortgage. It can help you where you need it most so you can focus all your energy on recovering. There is so much to consider-making decisions about your care, remaining financially stable, meeting your family's day-to-day needs, coping with the emotional stress and more. Critical illness insurance from Life Tides Financial Inc. is designed to help you when you need it most.

Why do you need critical illness insurance?

Critical illness insurance from Life Tides Financial Inc. provides a lump-sum benefit to help support you financially, if you are diagnosed with and survive a covered critical illness. You can use this benefit payment to supplement your health insurance plan and any group disability coverage you may have:

While healthy lifestyle choices can be your best defence against some health risks, a critical illness such as cancer, stroke or heart disease can strike anyone at any time. Consider the following: